split CDR (2013)

by Captain Three Leg



BMN 001
SOC 009


released May 8, 2013

Tracks 1-13 = Captain Three Leg
Recorded May 28, 2010 on a Fostex XR-7 Multitracker. Additional guitar overdubs and vocals recorded February 3, 2013 using Reaper.

Nate - Vocals
Kevin - Guitar
Andy - Bass, Backing Vocals + Lead Guitar
Brian - Drums


Tracks 14-35 = Deep Fried Embryo
Recorded at the end of 2012 / beginning of 2013.

Bryan - Drums
Justin - Guitar
Jason - Bass + Vocals

contact: dfenoise@gmail.com


All artwork by Tom Kemp.

Released on CDR by Bad Metal Nightmare Records (www.facebook.com/BadMetalNightmare) and on cassette by Stench of Carnage Tapes (stenchofcarnagetapes.blogspot.com).




Captain Three Leg

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Track Name: Gone Without a Trace
The void of darkness fills the air / An unwelcome hand destined for fear inches around your throbbing neck / Heartbeat now slows down ever more / Drifting away, still wanting to live / Almost break free, but it’s just short lived / Just like your life, it soon will end / Never to see the light again / It creeps inside like a welcome friend / The path already has made amends / It is now here, you know for sure / Desires fulfilled and made so pure / Don’t forget, it was you who tried so fucking hard just to stay alive / Alone you accept death’s embrace / Now you are gone without a trace //
Track Name: Hopeless Existence
Say things will get better / You just lie through your teeth //
Track Name: Toxic Shock
Driving in your mini-van with the windows rolled down / Lighting up a smoke, it blows right back in / Filling up the backseat with a death trap built for two / You don’t deserve a child, so I guess a dead one will do / Toxic shock from carcinogens inhaled / Twitching death, the cancer has prevailed / Lifeless corpse laying motionless and still / Nothing left, it’s you I want to kill / I don’t know why you bother getting fucked at all / What’s the point of living if all you do is die? / Why bring another here just to make them choke? / When you die you’ll know it’s you who needs to go / Causing death on your own / Surely you’ll find someone else to blame //
Track Name: Jerked Out of Complacency
I am the fiend, here to take away your life / If you think you’re safe / Then you better think twice / Now I have the power / For another day I’ll live / One more day of living //
Track Name: The Walk of Shame
Going to the party just to get fucked up / You walk into the door / Some bro says “What’s up?” / It’s why you came to college / Not at all to learn / If you play your cards right, it’s this walk you will earn / Stumble to your car / It’s really not that far / You don’t even drink / Looking like a skank / You’re just a fucking skank on the walk of fucking shame //
Track Name: Less is More
Your songs are just too fucking long //
Track Name: Retracted Apologies
I’d take back what I said, but you still fucking suck //
Track Name: Van Bait
Coming to America to enjoy your freedom / The plane has landed / You’re on your way home / The joyless wife didn’t show / So now you’re on the phone / “Oh, where could she be? Did she mix up the date?” / Doesn’t matter now, because you are van bait / Should watch where you’re fucking going / You stupid piece of shit //
Track Name: Microwave Massacre
Come home from work / Nothing around to eat / Run to the grocery store / Just to buy something cheap / A Hungry Man dinner / A feast made just for you / Pop on the TV to watch a show / With your pre-fab meal to go / There’s never anything good on / Put it in the microwave and let the massacre begin / Lean on forward just to tear the lid / Not realizing you’re locked in place / Somehow with your head / Hear the beep and you’re still in / As the tray just starts to spin / Getting hotter now inside this death trap / As your vitamins get sucked out with your brain / Screaming into the cage in which you’re trapped / No one can hear you now / Your hope is scrapped / So remember kids, it’s not just a tool / If you misuse it, you’ll end up the fool //
Track Name: The Game of Life
I think the time has come to plan out my revenge / On those who have betrayed me and took me for a spin / Giving me the runaround on the game that is life / Wasting a bunch of my time / Something I only have so much / But now it’s time to spend it wise and squeeze you down in my clutch / It has come full fucking circle / There’s no time left for you / You’re only a benefit to yourself / Get the fuck out of the scene //
Track Name: Style Over Substance
Your little costume is making me laugh / You’re such a tard, you’re so damn daft / That you would think you’re from Norway / Do you not realize that you look gay? / A silly little clown that really makes me laugh / Why not stop frowning? / Because nobody else is / You just look ridiculous / Everyone thinks so / It is time to stop / It’s no longer a joke / You must get out now, before there is no hope / You’re just a clown //
Track Name: Another Word For Fast
People sometimes ask / Why must you play fast? / What else could there be? / There’s no need to slow it down / Especially not for me / Just as fast as you can //
Track Name: Liquid Motivation
Wake up in the morning / Searching for some motivation / Just to get the coffee made / So I can get my brain turned on / Couple of cups in and I’m on a roll / Getting the day started, nothing takes a toll / Needed that liquid boost just to get on the go / a few hours in and no signs of slowing down / Only 11:00 AM and so much to show / Finally have the energy to get something done / Get so fucking sick of always being sick / Getting tired of always being tired / Now it’s time to get out on the town / Now it’s time to get fucking down / Grind the world and trash your face / Fuck trendy bullshit that stands in the way / Not riding a wave of popularity / Lo-Fi is how I want to stay / Now the day is over, still feels the same / We fucking rule, and you’re fucking lame / Still, it was worth an honest try / Why not just hang your head and cry? //