split CDR (2012)

by Captain Three Leg / Hyperemesis



released December 14, 2012

Tracks 1-13 = Captain Three Leg
Andy - Guitar / Vocals
Brian - Drums / Vocals
Travis - Bass
Stumblefuck - Lead Guitar on 1, 2, 6, 8 + 12

Recorded December 26, 2011 on a Fostex XR-7 Multitracker with additional overdubs and mixing done on Reaper. Mastered at Hundskit Studio by Stumblefuck. Coverart by Tom Kemp.



Tracks 14-28 = Hyperemesis
Andy - Drums, Guitar, Vocals

Tracks 14-23 recorded in December of 2011. Tracks 24-28 recorded in June of 2012.

Contact: dieplosion@live.com


CDR released by Medical Malfunctions Records as MMR 105 in an edition of 100 copies. medicalmalfunctionsrecords.blogspot.com

Cassette version released by Septic Aroma of Reeking Stench in an edition of 66 copies. saors.blogspot.com




Captain Three Leg

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Track Name: Captain Three Leg - The Soundtrack to Adult Annoyance
Started out with radio
But it wasn’t fast enough
Moving on to devil’s music
Songs of death and gore

Hand-drawn pentagram on paper
Hangs above my bed
But the metal wasn’t satisfying
So I turned to noise instead

Noises coming from my bedroom
Cause reason for alarm
Mental issues beneath the surface
Scribbling angry notes

The soundtrack to adult annoyance
With volume cranked to ten
Parental intervention daily
Breaking my cassettes
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Not Quite Living
In a world where nobody talks
In place of speech, text messages sent
Conversations drag out longer than needed

Our smart phones are making us dumb
Fingers mash unintelligible lines
Cram six periods into a single sentence

We feel the need to share every detail of our lives
From what we had for breakfast, to the things we all despise
Constantly refreshing to get the latest news
Our need for validation makes us share the ugly truth

Our changing views on friendship are now suddenly absurd
We see each other on the street, yet no one says a word
We pull the cameras from our pockets, snap a couple off
Never living in the moment, but we’ve got some snappy shots

Knock it off
Put it down
Go out side
Auto correct your fucking life
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Captain Three Leg
Batten down the hatches, rough weather is ahead
Secure the crew and round them up so no one ends up dead
Climb down to the lower deck, then take off all your clothes
It’s all a ruse, I’m in the mood, get ready for the

One two three
One two three
One two three leg

Wonderful sailing as we charter the seas
Too many wenches for me on their knees
Three days of drinking, three sheets to the wind
Leg up on the others, much to their chagrin
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Tenderhead
You misinterpret statements as a personal attack
Unwilling to accept a joke without getting upset
You hurl your insults freely; get a laugh at my expense
But when it comes back to you, you always take offense

Cause you’re a…

A tenderhead
Don’t be a baby
A tenderhead
Everything is not about you

A tenderhead
Don’t be a baby
A tenderhead
Your fragile ego bruises quickly

Constant reassurance just to squash that hanging doubt
An endless line of questions just to sort this shit all out
But none of this concerns you, though you’d like to think it does
Taking a defensive stance, as always, and you can’t deny it

A tenderhead
Don’t be a baby
A tenderhead
Everything is not about you
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - No-Name Maddox
Shooting snuff and hiding it deep within the ground
Mind control and LSD and naked teenage sluts
Helter Skelter, Sharon Tate and orgies full of blood
Shaven heads and swastikas and Dennis Wilson’s pad

Traded for a jug of beer, his mother was a whore
Failed musician dumpster diver sitting in death row
Parole denied repeatedly, t-shirt sales, they soar
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Failed Reform
Your life a was a mess, fully submerged in shit
Then you cleaned up life and straightened things out
Now rid of distraction, never leaving your house
And yet somehow you manage to fuck everything up
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Creative Divide
Half of the band wants to write about shit, puke and bile
While the other would rather focus on attacking his friends
Difference of opinion - Creative divide
Compromise never within reach
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Backdoor Slice
Man of god, Christ’s disciple
Fallen angel with a halo of lies
Mortal man, with earthly desires
Tempted by flesh and altered states

Caught in men’s room with your pants down
Trollin’ for a backdoor slice
Toilet seats with lines of cocaine
Snorting loads and getting high
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Ice Box
Fucking cold dead twat
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Beard Splitter
Buns filled up with meat
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Nursing a Bruised Throat
Oral trauma triumphs
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - Brain Worms
Track Name: Captain Three Leg - (Not a Fucken) Jazzman
(Rupture cover)